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Friends of Bold as Brass Podcast

There are so many folks doing amazing things in the music industry and specifically relating to brass right now. We wanted to share some of them here with you!

Diversify the Stand LLC:

Diversify the Stand are working toward creating new repertoire for brass instruments with works by diverse composers to improve the music available in the modern world. They also have a podcast!

Brass Out Loud:

Brass Out Loud, BOLD for short, is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in brass seminars and the general brass community

International Women's Brass Conference:

IWBC’s mission is to educate, develop, support, and promote women brass musicians while inspiring continued excellence and opportunities in the broader musical world. Membership is open to all women and men who would like to support this effort.


Extendabone is a slide extension handle. Its simple and ergonomic design let everyone play trombone! 

Trombone 101, An Artist's Corner:

Sean Reusch is a trombonist and educator doing informative interviews with brass players (primarily trombonists) and publishing them to his blog "An Artist's Corner"

The Trombone Place:

Peter Freeman has set up this site aimed at beginner and intermediate trombonists to find resources and expand their knowledge. I'm sure trombonists of all levels, though, will find plenty of valuable content here!

Fellow podcasts:

Things Musicians Don't Talk About:

Rising Stars Podcast:


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